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SunCruiser Media

Thank you SunCruiser Media for being a sponsor of the Okanagan Charity Regatta!
As an annual magazine, readers travelling by boat or car keep the SunCruiser guides close by and refer to them frequently during the year. The grid system, based on a one-minute line of Latitude and Longitude, is exclusive to SunCruiser. Readers use the grid system to mark their favourite fishing, crabbing, prawning, on shore attractions, SCUBA diving sites or rendezvous locations on the charts. SunCruiser Magazines contain shoreline and safety information. The guides become their reference manuals and are not discarded. 

SunCruiser Media is committed to printing quality boating content that readers need. The magazine is divided into three separate publications, and each focuses on local content and events. Complete maps are included in each publication along with relevant information to make boating safer and more enjoyable. Get your copy at:

The North Okanagan Sailing Association

The Okanagan Charity Regatta’s committee boat team will be mostly run by NOSA sailors. John Holmwood has been coming to meeting since January and they will be on the water for the 3 days of the regatta, timing and calculating results. We couldn’t do the regatta with out them!

The North Okanagan Sailing Association (NOSA) is a non-profit society dedicated to the
promotion of small boat, dinghy and catamaran sailing. We offer family and individual
memberships, Youth and Adult sailing lessons in the season, and regular Thursday night racing
for members and qualifying enrolled sailing students.

The NOSA Sailing School hosts local schools for sailing classes and can provide single-day
introductions to sailing. Our staff can be invited to schools to teach youth about boating safety
and safety around the lake.

NOSA is the only BC Interior venue for Navy cadet training with some 250 cadet youth attending
classes in spring and fall.

Many sailors at the Vernon Yacht Club, at one time learned to sail at NOSA.
Interested in learning to sail? Possibly become a NOSA member using our Boat-Share
program? Learn more at

NOSA is located at 7813 Okanagan Landing Rd. in Vernon, hidden behind the Paddlewheel Park
parking lot.

Hagemann Jewellers

Established in 1994 Hagemann Jewellers has been serving the greater Okanagan for almost 30 years.
Hagemann Jewellers has the beautiful jewellery you are looking for Certified European Watchmaker and Certified Goldsmith on premise. They carry a large selection of fine jewellery styles in a variety of designs, plus fine watches and clocks. They have the perfect gift for you and your love ones.

Along with Rainer Hagemann, Pam St Pierre has been one of the main jewellers at Hagemann’s for over 20 years. Pam is a Vernon Yacht Club member and sailor and is organizing a team to prepare Saturday and Sunday breakfasts as well as a make your own lunch station at the Sat. breakfast table for those who want a bit more for during races. This is Hagemann’s busiest season and we really appreciate Pam taking the time to volunteer and Rainer for being Bronze Level Sponsors of our sailing for fuller plates and hearts campaign.

Burton Marine and Pile Driving

With 18+ years of experience in marine construction, Burton Marine has the knowledge base to provide the best solutions for your projects and can easily manage the unforeseen obstacles and hurdles as they arise. Burton Marine Pile Driving has been a key player in commercial and residential projects for almost 2 decades with experience in commercial marine and land based environments. Thank you for being a Bronze Sponsor and donating towards food security in our communities! Dock options here:

Penticton Yacht Club

Unique to the Penticton Yacht Club and Marina is a highly competitive keelboat racing community, with events scheduled April through November. Each September on Labour Day Weekend, the Penticton Yacht Club’s Sailing Fleet hosts the Grand Prix Regatta. It’s a good thing sailors have all season to practice because Penticton has the best winds on Okanagan Lake and the race is not for the faint of heart.

There are many highlights to Penticton’s Regatta and the one that stands out the most is PYC’s Darren V. and his powerboat team welcoming sailors each year! Darren also sets up the best Lunch Barge on the lake with his pontoon boat ready and equipped with a burger station and all the trimmings plus the ice blender serving slushies on a hot September race! Thank you Penticton Yacht Club for donating towards each PYC boat that attends the Okanagan Charity Regatta!

Penticton Grand Prix Regatta – September Long Weekend